As you can tell, it is a desert game.
Explore! is a desert exploration game in the spirit of the classic adventure games of the olden days. It is a game by Durandal Brytting, of minor fame as connoisseur of old Mac games. Like most of my games (well, I’m Durandal, duh) it strives to return to the good old days when games lasted. Also, I’m pretty sure that it’s an educational game for your kids. If nothing else they might learn some long words and what a desert rose is.
Like most anything I create, Explore! is completely free. Don’t pay, just play!
Actually, if you think the game is immensely fun, and if you think you’re stinking rich, you could improve your karma and donate some modest amount of money to me. The reason that my stuff is free is not that I’m rich and don’t need money. I’m just behaving in accordance with the categorical imperative. It’s a much nicer system to pay what you’re able and willing to pay, don’t you think?
Check out the tiny screenshots on the left, then download the game:
★★★ Download Explore! ★★★ (Universal binary, runs on Mac OS X 10.4 and later)
this game will fester on your patience. however, the enduring shall reap the rewards.