Good to Go!
Jan 6th
Keynote Bingo

Twice a year, Steve Jobs used to take the stage extending his reality distortion field over the masses. It is a wildly celebrated holiday for Mac fanatics all over the world. And since 2006, thousands of people follow the keynote with our Keynote Bingo application in hand - and Macworld Expo San Francisco 2009 will be no different, even though Steve Jobs won't bless us with his presence. Instead, his right hand, Phil Schiller will do his best to endow grace upon us. Nevertheless, The Swedish Bingo team, comprised mainly of trolls, polar bears and snowpeople, have once again produced a new, jaw-dropping version of Keynote Bingo: MWSF Bingo 09!

This breathtaking Bingo experience generates for you a template out of 100 potential keynote events! When one of the events on your template occurs, press the button. If you get five buttons in a row, column or diagonal you yell: BINGO!!

You will be asked for a random number which is the seed for the generation of the template. This number will generate the same template again so that when you Bingo out you have a way to prove to others that you really did. Now make us proud – shout "Bingo!" right there in the audience!

Download MWSF Bingo 2009
MWSF'09 edition: English
WWDC'08 edition: Multilingual
MWSF'08 edition: Multilingual
WWDC'07 edition: Multilingual
MWSF'07 edition: Multilingual
WWDC'06 edition: International | Swedish
Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3 or newer
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Credits: Henrik (events, icon & web), Hannes (programming & procrastination), Sahlström (scripts & widget), Tomas (slime mold), Sippan (sound), others from #macnytt