A vagabond street prophet. A cynic conspiracy theorist. A holistic plumber. A family man with a mid-life crisis. A nine year old runaway. A homeless theologian. An unfortunate fungophobic.

As the cosmic consciousness of a strange fungal entity spreads through the world, they must each face what nobody can prepare for. This is a spiritual novel about fear and the confrontation of the shadow self.

And what about magic?

Child of Earth (“Jordens Barn” in Swedish) was physically released on Mushroom Day, September 6 2015, and the English translation is available since October 2016 as a freeware PDF (on account of the homemade translation effort).

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“A serious, surreal and dark work”

– Lyn

“A exciting story that I could not stop reading”

– Elin

“This book makes everyday locations seem magical”

– Johan

“An evocative, thoughtful word-painting”

– Jessica

“Beautiful, tragic and disgusting”
– Jennie

“A masterful portrayal of psychosis”
– Tomas

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Photos from the unforgettable release party!

Free eBook!http://www.sippan.se/_files/ChildofEarthA5.pdf