Tess the Vampire!!moreismore
Let the party begin!

Featuring music by Klotprojektet!
Murder slaughter maim impale mutilate ravage suck blood!!! <3 ♥ ♥ ♥
Help Tess, the undead green-eyed vampire girl, reunite with her dead girlfriend, and drink gallons of blood out of the gory wounds of dismembered mortals in the process! There are also 7 different outfits you can wear! (Including the BUNNY SUIT!)
Explore 300 different rooms, ranging from locations such as the GRAVEYARD and the FOREST, to the NUCLEAR CHEESE FACTORY and the FOUNTAIN OF BLOOD OF VIRGINS!
Eat placentas and maggots, make people’s eyeballs pop out and chase them around in order to lick up the blood that sprays out of their skulls!
Solve one puzzle!
Tess the Vampire is a world of fun for kids of any age, and only contains 2 phrases with the word
in them!
a file name: laby_map.png
“You’ve ruined my life” -#macnytt ircer “Bloodcurdling” 
- HannesP “This game sounds pretty gruesome”
- My mom. “Pants fell. Jaws dropped open. Blood froze. Play this game.” - My girlfriend
Sippan the Swede’s new game!