I used to weigh 700 pounds, then I tried out whatever the ad below says and ever since I need to wear lead shoes in windy weather!!!

Missile Command

Hello! I don't know poop about HTML and web design and crap, so this page kinds sucks, but download my sweet game anyway!

Download Missile Command 1.0

I've got this crazy thing about old games, really old 80's Mac Plus black & white 9 inch monitor games, and I crave OSX versions of them, and despite the ISKUB project, they're not getting made! So I'm making them myself, even though I'm not what you'd call a skilled programmer.

I haven't got anything else to say, now play the game. Contact me at sippan@sippan.se if you wanna, I love getting mail.

In case anyone's interested, the person holding the Missile Command world record is - me! And I think it sucks, so hurry up and beat me because it feels totally lame to put that on this webpage, I want someone else's name next to an inhuman score, come on already! Please don't lie though, because I have no way of knowing so I'll assume you're honest with me.

Highest Missile Command score that I know of:
Sippan - 82169 points

Have a screenshot!

Hoho yeah man, the aliens exploded the Stockholm Globe Arena all up!